"Our pragmatic analytical approach to each property creates a sound foundation for rapid, efficient, and sustained return while limiting the chance of any unknown risk..."

Round Lake uses a team of industry experts to analyze regions, areas within the regions, and specific properties to uncover the best purchase opportunities. This team includes professionals in seven key areas: Market Analysis, Marketing Analysis, Physical Facility Evaluation, Architectural Evaluation, Management Evaluation, Financial Evaluation, Legal Evaluation. Once a facility is purchased, Round Lake contracts with a national Management Company for the operation of the facilities.

RL's market analyst is a veteran of market analysis nationwide, spending many years with HUD before beginning his own senior housing specialty firm eleven years ago.

Explosive growth forced good but inexperienced people into administrative roles. Many facilities are missing the key sales tools that could make them leaders in their area. Round Lake's marketing analyst reviews a facility's marketing plan, develops an enhanced plan, then evaluates the execution of that plan.

Physical Plant
A facility must meet both structural standards as well as design/architectural standards. Round Lake's inspector has been a structural analyst for many years, doing property evaluation for Trammel Crow nationwide, among others, and ensures our facilities meet structural standards.

Every facility is analyzed to understand its design efficiency as well as redesign opportunities for the future. RL's architect has ten year's experience designing and evaluating senior properties.

Round Lake's management analyst has spent more than 25 years in the healthcare field, managing hospitals as well as resident care facilities, and can identify strong leadership and appropriate systems. He works with administration and staff to develop his analysis.

Round Lake's financial analyst has spent many years auditing books for senior properties in the Seattle area. He provides a set of general parameters of success, as well as digs deeply behind a facilities numbers to understand its financial health. His performance benchmarks apply during the investigation later during operation.

Legal Review
Williams, Kastner, and Gibbs in Seattle handles many local real estate cases for local real estate firms. Our attorney regularly works with Coldwell Banker Bain as well as the other major firms in the Seattle area, and can readily identify any legal concerns RL might have about a property.

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