"The war baby demographic and the economic cycle of industry growth have opened a window of opportunity for residents and investors in the assisted living industry..."

Round Lake understands that the weight of the war baby bubble and the eager development of the assisted living industry through the 1990s created special buying opportunities that exist when growth industries consolidate in search of focus, methodology, and identity. The myriad of divergent owner goals and operational approaches must coalesce toward the emerging fundamentals of success in this field:

  • Tested management and nursing techniques,

  • Sound financial and data discipline,

  • Proven marketing plans,

  • Regular communication with residents and families,

  • Principle geographic locations,

  • Functional facility design,

  • Flexible, market driven services,

  • Powerful branding, and

  • Efficiencies of scale.

Proper execution of these initiatives creates competitive facilities that are beautiful, healthy, adaptive, soundly managed communities; occupancy is high because the residents thrive. In return, Round Lake's portfolio of properties secures excellent short and long term gains for investors with regard to cash flow and equity appreciation.


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